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Welcome to the one-stop-shop for everything Waffo related Roux!

Waffle's Cube Thingy is my (Waffle's) personal site about everything Roux to the best of my knowledge. From tutorials and guides to simple techniques and how to make them advanced, I can walk you through Roux the method and get fast times in no time.

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I Post A lot of Pictures that aren't cube related...sometimes clicking on them go to a link or a video that doesn't at all relate to cubing :3

Waffle's Cube Thingy - A Short History

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  I'm Waffo. Here's my WCA Profile.

 I started cubing late 2006 and started using Roux around 2008 which was the same year for my first competition. I try to be as active as I can attending as many competition as my priorities allow. 

 I didn't start with an LBL method and instead I learned Hiese which never occurred to me as "advanced" since I didn't want to learn algorithms. In my mind a waste of time. Playing with Petrus and CFOP after I became decent at cubing made me realized how much I disliked CFOP and aim towards block building methods. Roux at the time was not popular but I liked it and used it since I got the hang of it. 

My only two cubing philosophies are "A good cube is nothing without a great cuber and a great cuber is nothing without a good cube." and"No matter how good you get, always think you're a nub, you'll learn quicker."

I made this site because, Roux is not a popular method. In fact, it's only gotten popularity in recent years thanks to a few dedicated Roux users. But as such, resources on Roux is scarce and extremely limited. This means that most, if not all, Roux resource is not made some nublet and is extremely reliable. More resources and it will surely get more popular as cubing progresses.


Sharing is Caring!

Hearing from you is one of the big things for me. I'll help in anyway shape or form whether it is related to the Roux Method, bugs and mistakes on the site, or even just to say hi! The easiest way to contact me is on Speedsolving.

I put a lot of hard work for this site and I did it for the sake of cubers. If you think that this site is worth donating to then go ahead! It's much appreciated and would really help me and this site. All proceeds go to my competition funds and the more money the further I can travel. I live in Buffalo NY and it's practically far away from most US East Coast Competitions.