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CMLL - Corners Orientation and Permutation and then something about M-Slice.

Generic Cuber - Hey Waffle!
Waffo - What's happening GC?

GC -  What's the Difference between CLL, CMLL, and COLL?
- GC, that's a good question!

GC - And the answer is...?
Waffo - Oh look a squirrel. *Walks Away*

So what the hell is the difference, right?  All the subsets mentioned orient and permute the U-Layer Corners at the same time.

  • CLL is just for 2x2... so you really can't use it on 3x3.
  • COLL orients and permutes the corners while preserving the F2L and LL edge orientation. Pretty cool, right? Yeah, I thought so.
  • Roux users have their own set of COLL algs that doesn't preserve the LL and F2L called CMLL.

GC - So Waffle, COLL is great and everything since it preserves everything you build on, right? So why do we have to use CMLL for Roux?

Waffo -  That's easy GC, I love you and your questions!
GC - I don't think you do because you don't answer my questions!

Waffo - Fine *sadness*
GC - So...

Waffo - Since you technically build up to the M Layer and U Layer, you can use algs that would ignore those pieces.  That's what CMLL does. It uses shorter, and faster algs that wouldn't really do anything to the First 2 Blocks or "F2B" but it won't preserve the M and U which is good for Roux

GC - Oh, I get it. So can you use COLL too. It's not optimized but it doesn't harm F2B either.

Waffo -Sure. Some algs I use are nice COLL algs. Generally, COLL can be used for Roux and our block-building counterpart Petrus and our not-so-exciting sister CFOP, as well as our EO-pride brother ZZ. Even for grandpa Corners First.

GC - Awww. One big cubing family. It's too bad the lifeless sister is getting so much attention :(
- Don't worry, she's like a village bike. *buuuuuurrrrnnn*


Thanks to Evan Laput, (username- doesntexist) was awesome enough to help me by making a Pocketmod for my CMLL. Pocketmod is a printout that turns into a convenient little booklet with a few folds and a little cut. Even if you don't want the little booklet you can cut up each individual page and tape it to your wall or whatever you want to do with your ink and paper~!

Click Here For Pocketmod Files (PDF Format)


Most of the time you need to look at up to 4 stickers to recognize a case from a specific angle. Just look for the relationships between the stickers. Opposite colors, adjacent colors, stuff like that.

The following are divided into orientation and permutation. These make up the table in Roux. The Orientation makes up the rows and the Permutation makes up the column. You should know this, but not required, since blockbuilding prides on knowing what is actually going it.


Roux Letter - A
Common Name -


Roux Letter - B
Common Name - Anti-Sune


Roux Letter - C
Common Name - Sune

Roux Letter - D
Common Name -Bowtie/L

Roux Letter - E
Common Name -Headlights/U

Roux Letter - F
Common Name - Chameleon/T


Roux Letter - G
Common Name - Pi/Dead Guy

Roux Letter - H
Common Name -Double Anti-Sune

Roux Number - 1
Swaps - None

Roux Number - 2
Swaps - Back

Roux Number - 3
Swaps - Right

Roux Number - 4
Swaps -Front


Roux Number - 5
Swaps -Left


Roux Number - 6
Swaps -Diagonal









Okay...okay...okay. so you know what happens so you know what's happening with a G2 case or the dreaded B2. Or not. Doesn't really matter since I don't use the chart to recognize cases anyways. I just wanted to put that unrelated picture in somehow...

All Oriented - A

This is the easiest subset of algs. Even easier than H. Only 2 "real" cases since you just need can be found on my 2-Look CMLL page. (Click here) But some people don't even bother to read sometimes go I'll just post some algs in anyways. 


(R' U L') (U2 R U') (R' U2 R2) x'



(R' U L') (U2 R U') x' (U L' U2) (R U' R) x'



A1 - SKIP (wait are you an idiot)
Wait You're Actually Going Click this Expecting an Alg




Anti-sune - B

So. Just a heads up. When you get an B case. do a U' because I recognize all the anti-sunes with a U'. They still follow what's physically happening even though it's from a different angle. Since this is pretty visual. I won't have to explain what I mean by "right bar" and the sort. You can figure that easily. 


 Anti-Sune - B1

Right bar.


Pancake - B2

(U')R2 D R' U R D' R' U R' U' R U' R'
 2 Bars


Evil Forte - B3
x' F U' R U L' U2 R' U2 R
Back Slash



 Juice10 - B4
U' R U2 R' U2 R' F R F'




Anti-Niklas - B5
U' L' U  R U' L U R'
Forward Slash



Left Bar

Sune - C

Okay. Whenever you get a C case start off with a U since it's best to recognize it that way...maybe...it's how I do it and I'm pretty okay with CMLL I would say.

So You'll need to Know Some Reference (how I do it, you don't really need to follow)


Red Line shows what I call the "Top Slash"
Purple Line shows what I call the "Bottom Slash"

  I'll also throw in Bottom Bar which is the ULF and URF stickers.
And The Far Bar 
(it's white...) The only Front sticker and the upper right sticker



Top Slash has Opposites Bottom slash has opposites


Bottom Bar And Far Bar are opposites

Bottom Slash is the Same And Right Bar (You know what I mean) are opposites

Far Bar is same with Opposite Bottom Bar


Far Bar is Same and Right Bar (again...) is opposite.


Top Slash is opposite and the Bottom Slash is Same




Bowtie/L - D

Like the C case, the D always starts with a U and then I recognize it from there.Again like C I have some reference terms


Red Line "Top Slash" Purple Line "Bottom Slash"
This time, they refer to the same URB Sticker


Bottom Bar are the 2 front stickers.And The Far Bar  refers to ULF sticker and the FRU sticker.


Far Bar is the Same and the Bottom Slash are opposites

Bottom Bar are opposites and the Top Slash are same

Top Slash are the same and Far Bar are opposites

Top Slash are opposites and Bottom Bar are opposites

Far Bar is the same and Top Slash is opposite
OH - U x' U' R U ' U' R' U R

Bottom Slash and Bottom Bar are both opposites

U/Headlights - E

No initial move here :3 just follow the alg and you are set. Also no need for references. These are pretty straight forward

Top Bar Opposites. Bottom Bar Same

Top Bar Same and Bottom Bar Same


Forward Slash



Double Slash

Back Slash


Top Bar Same


Chameleon/T - F

Again no initial more  or rotation. You're just set to go :3 Again no references WOOHOO!

R U2 R' U' R U' R2' U2' R U R' U R
Top And Bottom Bar Same


R' U Rw U2 R2' F R F' R
Bottom Bar Same


U' R' U' R U L U' R' U x
Right Bar


U' R U R' U' R'F R F'
Left Bar


R' U R2 D Rw' U2 Rw D' R2' U' R
Double Bar




Pi/Dead Guy - G

YAY for no rotations and initial moves :D

Dead Guy
R U2 R2' U' R2 U' R2' U2 R
Right Bar


Shoot Down
R' U' R U' R' U2 R U' L' U R U' L U R'
Back Slash


L' U2 y R U2 R' U2 R' U2 F y x
Double Slash


R' U L U' R U' L' U' L U' L'
Double Bar


(U2) R U R' U R U' y R U' R' y L'
Left Bar

Double Anti-Sune - H

Generic Cuber - WHOA WAFFO WAIT!
Waffo - hrm...?
GC - There's only 4 cases
Waffo - Adjust U face to match...there's no point in learning a new alg for something when all you have to do is a U2 and another alg...
GC - Pretty short Content Box though....it leaves me unsatisfied.
Waffo - No worries. I'll put a space filler here or something.

R U2 R' U' R U R' U' R U' R'
Double Bar


U' R U R' U R U L' U R' U' L
Bottom Bar


L' U2 y R U2 R U2 R' U2 F y x
Right Bar


Sexy Moves
F R U R' U' R U R' U' R U R' U' F'
Bottom and Top Bar