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Starting Up With Roux

I'm just one Roux user. This means that most of the content here is based on my knowledge. I don't even consider myself an expert at Roux but I did try my best for this site. I've divided up my content so it's easier to follow and you can easily reference back to them. 

The Written Tutorial - This is the meat of the sandwich. Most of the important information is in this one

My CMLL Algorithm set - My CMLL algorithms. The same ones that I use for solves.

My 2 Look CMLL set - 2 Look CMLL for beginners. 

The Sub-15 Guide to Roux - Step-by-step stages of development tuned to your speed and experience. 

The Video Tutorials -  For people that can't learn without a video aid. These are made to aid the written tutorials


I need to waste more space here so here's a picture with a click-able link. Keep your eye out for these.